The Pealsong Refounding fantasy trilogy by Michael Warden. Gideon's Dawn, The Waymaker, The Word Within.

Inherited Lands
The Word Within

“In the end, only one Word will rule”

War has come to the Inherited Lands. Though the Remnant now wield the life-giving power of Dei’lo, their numbers are still too few to stand against the staggering might of the Sa’lei Lords and their armies. Besieged and weakened to near collapse, the Remnant rebels are forced to leave Wordhaven and flee to the four corners of the world. Isolated from one another and unable to find help for their cause, their defeat is all but certain.

And yet, within the dark shadows of the Deathland Barrens, one thread of hope remains. Gideon Dawning, the prophesied Waymaker from another world, has recovered the Pearl, a holy sentient orb that holds within it the full knowledge and power of Dei’lo. If Gideon can bring the orb to the fight, it may be enough to turn the tide. But time is short, and many dreadful enemies stand in his way.

But beyond all this, the Pearl itself is nothing like what anyone expected.

(Being written now…visit Michael’s Blog for updates on the journey)

Inherited Lands
Gideon's Dawn Waymaker

"...a work of extreme depth and breadth of vision."
-Christian Fiction Review

Inherited Lands