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Chapter 1 is Now Online!

15 comments | Posted: Book-Update, by Michael D. Warden

The draft of Chapter 1 (in six parts) for The Word Within is now available on the Pearlsong blog. Just click the blog thingie in the upper right and it will take you there as if by magic.

laura mcdaniel Says:

how can I buy the last book it says it is for sale but I don’t see any place on this site to buy it? Confused?

Michael Warden Says:

Hey Laura, sorry for the confusion! The third book, The Word Within, is still being written. I’m afraid it won’t be available for some time. But when it is, you’ll see it promoted prominently and with great rejoicing (on my part at least). :) thanks for your patience!

Jeff Baldwin Says:

Yes, I’m anxious for the 3rd book as well. I just finished “The Waymaker” and you’ve left me on the edge of my seat wondering where the story goes from here.

Chris O Says:

I know you said you were taking a break from writing the third book; I am just curious as to if you’ve started again and if there is a release date?! I’ve been waiting for over 5 years for this book. Your writing is just so good and inspirational! I hope everything is ok with you and you find the time to reply! Thanks.

nelsonnelson Says:

Like,em hope yuan can get back ta writing ? On the 3 book, thought i wound try the first one , loved it ! Got the next one will ! Wait for the third one ! ?

Karen Marriott Says:

Yes, I too have been waiting for the third for some time. Inadvertently left my copy of Waymaker in an airport waiting lounge, and had to find another. Hope it found its’ way into someone else’s heart!

brett Says:

Hey any news on when the third book will be comming out i started readying the firsts bood 2days ago and dint put it down untill i had finishe the second on i cant wait too read it!!!

Michael Warden Says:

Hey Brett ~ working on it now. No word on when it will be done, but I won’t stop working till it is! Thanks, and hang in there!

Michael Warden Says:

That’s awesome, Brett, thanks! Yes, new chapters coming soon!

Jennifer Says:

Hi Mr. Warden. I found your first book at a Half Price Books in Austin, Texas. It was such an encouraging read. I’m really looking forward to your third book (I’ve decided not to read the second until the third one comes out). I understand it’ll take some time as you’re a trainer and a coach for leaders. But I do hope the project hasn’t been forgotten. But if it has, I do pray that your coaching will continue to touch more lives just like your books have.

Michael Warden Says:

Hey Jennifer ~ thanks for your kind note. Be assured I’m still working on book 3 as I am able, and like you am looking very forward to its completion! Thanks for your patience!

Max Duthie Says:

Hi Michael, I purchased Book 1 in 2005, then had to wait three years for Waymaker :). Enjoyed it, but never got back to looking for Book 3 [lots of things got in the way]. I decided to read Waymaker as part of a reading challenge for 2017 [one word title], but though i had better read Book One first. Did that, and then just finished Waymaker today. Went looking for Book Three and was frustrated to find that it is still coming :( I really want to know what happens, but don’t like serial stories!Q Any idea when it is to be released?

Michael Warden Says:

Hey Max,

Thanks for your note. I so appreciate your patience! I don’t know precisely when the third book will be released, but I can tell you I am working on it faithfully most every day, and will continue to until it is completed and we have the full trilogy out in print. Thanks again!

Elijah Says:

hey Michael,
i have been waiting for “the word within” for over 5 years and i think i’ll pop if book three does not come out soon. could you please give us even just a vague ballpark date of when you will be publishing book#3. say… for example… 2018 or 2019. you see, when asked about a release date you have been amusingly suspicious and vague in your responses. you say things like: “keep being patient” “soon” and “i’m working on it”. and never say any definite length of time i need a estimate. i need to see “the word within” in my amazon shopping cart. soon.

i guess i just wanted to throw my two-cents in there and let you know that you are testing the faith your fans have in you… i know mine definitely has been, but i’m sticking with you Mike. just post a ballpark date so i can stand it. then when its published i can read an EDITED AND COMPLETE novel. i don’t hold with the “reading a blog-book” thing. i definitely do not mean this post to be unkind. if your feelings were hurt in any way that’s my faux pas and i apologize. your books were probably some of the best books I’ve ever read. this is why i’m saying these things, because we love your work and i feel like your not understanding why we need to know when #3 will be released. when i read what Gideon saw when he entered the tent, my mind was so blown i LITERALLY could not talk for a good half hour. that’s how good of a writer you are! if you can invoke that reaction in people you’ve got a gift! i hope you are using it. do you understand? thanks for writing great books.

Michael Warden Says:

Hey Elijah,

Thanks for your thoughtful post, and request. I understand how frustrating it must feel to keep holding on to the hope that a story you care about will finally be completed, but not getting a clear answer on when. First of all, it really does mean a lot to me that you care about the story, and want it to be completed. Me too, very much! Thanks for sticking with me in this overly long haul. All I can tell you is that I am continuing to work on the book regularly, and am committed to bringing it to completion and publication as quickly as I possibly can. I totally understand if that answer is not satisfactory for you (it’s honestly not how I want it either) but it’s the most honest answer I can offer. My work requires me to balance several different competing objectives and I do my best to attend to them all. I will soon be posting the first draft of book 3 again as I write it. You can follow along here on the site. Just look under the “Blog” link in the menu. Thanks! ~ M

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