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Book 3 Will Be Blogged Right Here!

20 comments | Posted: Book-Update, by Michael D. Warden

You heard right! I’ve decided to post the entire 3rd book of The Pearlsong Refounding ( The Word Within)right here on this blog, uploading a new entry week by week, as it is being written! See my Pearlsong Blog for more!

Jerry Says:

My library says they can find the third book for sale anywhere.

Beth Says:

Seriously? I want to read it so bad!

Claire Says:

My teenage son has read your first 2 books and really wants to read the third. How do we access it? Would be willing to purchase it, if it is available. Thank you!

Michael Warden Says:

Hey Claire—I’m working on the third book right now. That’s the good news! The bad news is it won’t be available in print until the middle of 2012. BUT, (more good news!), I’ll be posting the first draft of the book as I write it right here on this website. So…even though the printed version wont’ be out for a while, your son can read it online as I write it—and provide feedback if he wants.

Hope that helps. All my best—

Chris outten Says:

Hello mr warden.!!! I hope u are writing and soon finishing this third installment of your trilogy. My girlfriend a couple years ago was reading this book right… It was called gideons dawn… i thought what a strange yet enticing name so i asked her if it was good and she said amazing… so being a big reader, i bought it. Since then, i have read both gideons dawn and waymaker at least six times. I have nevr read a book sooo colorful in words and flowing from page to page! I give you my biggest thanks for emersing me in this strange world you have created, and every time i read them i find myself wishing that the real world could be as amazing as your books. I would place your books at the top next too the trilogy his dark materials by philip pullman which is my fav series ever. I pray your time and effort has paid off and gideon has provided you with “the word of money” in delio. 10/10 stars.

Chris outten Says:

Ps- any idea when the book might be finished. Im reading the first two as we speak and want to get my greedy hands on that book! Not that im greedy, its just your books are TOO good!!! Lol

Michael Warden Says:

Hey Chris—MAN, I love that. Thanks so much for the encouragement! It means a lot.

I am currently writing the third book (posting the 1st draft here online as I go). The finished book won’t be out in print until late next year. But I welcome you to read along as I write it, and even often your thoughts on how I could improve it, or what you like about how it’s going (yeah, especially that —:). Thanks again!

David Says:

Hi Michael
I just want to say thanks for writing these books. I read the first one in junior high and I loved it. It was before Waymaker came out and so I would always hope that you would bring the second book out. All the while I would read Gideon’s Dawn over and over again. Nourishment to my soul, really. Currently I am a senior in college and I can’t wait for the final book to come out. It really has inspired me as an artist and who I am as a person.
Thanks so much. Blessings

Brian Says:

I have been waiting a long time for this book to come out. My daughter and I have read both of the first two in this series and were absolutly hooked. They were some of the best reads that I have had and I can’t wait for the final one to come out. I will keep waching for it (need to get a copy for each of us now, as she is married and out of the country so we can’t share anymore). Can’t wait, and God bless!!

Jesse Says:


Gideon’s Dawn has been a treasure in my library since the day I first read it. For too long I thought that this would be a phenomenal story with no end – a tragedy for such an excellent work. I’m ecstatic to hear that you kept writing. Thank you!

Amy Meyers Says:

Hello, Michael! Is the third book written yet? I loved the first two in the series. I’m a missionary in Africa—eagerly awaiting the third. Trying to figure out what’s happening. thanks!

Jeremy Reynolds Says:

Any update on the third book? I just finished reading the second. Captivating story!

Michael Warden Says:

Me too! Actually reviewing Waymaker again as I have returned to work on the third book. It’s embarrassing slow work for me, I know, but I’ll get there, or die trying. :) Thanks Jeremy.

Jeremy Reynolds Says:

Good to hear! Please let me know as soon as it’s available. :-)

Daniël Says:

Are you still working on the 3rd book and is it ever going to be published? I believe I’ve purchased Gideon’s Dawn in 2003 – it’s been almost 7 years since Waymaker and still no Word withing; 12 years and counting is kind of a long wait to see a story come to a conclusion. There doesn’t seem to be much activity on the publication blog either…

Michael Warden Says:

Yes Daniel, I am currently writing book 3 and posting my progress online. You can find the latest entry here:

Or to start at the beginning of book 3, go here:


Linda Says:

It is 2015. I have not been able to find book 3 in print anywhere. Has it been printed? Thanks. I really want to see how this ends.

Michael Warden Says:

Hey Linda, thanks for the note.

I am currently writing book 3 and posting my progress online. You can find the latest entry here:

Or to start at the beginning of book 3, go here:


Regina Says:

I would like to ask, is there any chance that The Pearlsong Trilogy will be available as Kindle e-books? I have the first two books in paper, but I cannot read paper books any more because of health problems, and PDF is very hard to read on an e-ink reader. I would gladly buy the books again as Kindle editions.

Michael Warden Says:

Hey Regina,

Thanks for your note. Yes, we have plans to offer all the books in Kindle format soon. Thanks for your patience!

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