The Pealsong Refounding fantasy trilogy by Michael Warden. Gideon's Dawn, The Waymaker, The Word Within.

Inherited Lands

Book Review Alert (again)!

1 comment | Posted: Book-Update, by Michael D. Warden

Tim Frankovich of Christian Fiction Review posted this gem about Gideon’s Dawn recently on his oft-visited fiction review site, and promises a review of Waymaker as well soon! Hoo-Yah!

See the review by visiting!

And Tim—Thanks!

Joah Says:

A nice review. I agree with all that he said in it. I wanted to read the third book as soon as I finished the second. I love the Pearlsong Refounding series; looking forward to The Word Within!

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Inherited Lands
Gideon's Dawn Waymaker

"...a work of extreme depth and breadth of vision."
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Michael D. Warden has been working professionally as a writer and editor since 1989. After several years as Managing Editor for a large publishing house in Colorado, he stepped into the adventure of writing full time. In addition to his fantasy trilogy The Pearlsong Refounding, he has written several non-fiction books, and contributed to more than 150 other books and magazines.

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Inherited Lands