The Pealsong Refounding fantasy trilogy by Michael Warden. Gideon's Dawn, The Waymaker, The Word Within.

Inherited Lands
Inherited Lands

Two thousand years ago, the Inherited Lands were governed by a powerful sentient orb, known simply as the Pearl. Sent as a gift from the Giver of all, the Pearl drew unto itself the great men and women of the age, and taught them to speak its own native Tongue. This language, called Dei’lo, was as beautiful as it was dangerous and wild, for it granted creative power to all who mastered it—thus, only those of noble heart were taught how to wield it. Under their wise rule, the lands—indeed, all the world—thrived and grew strong in peace.

But then Abaddon, the immortal force of evil, broke free from his prison in Castel Morstal. Before the Lords of Old could find a way to imprison him again, he seduced the heart of the High Lord of the Lands, to lust after the power of the Pearl itself. Using a Word of Desolation that Abaddon taught him, the High Lord destroyed the Pearl, and unleashed a perversion in the Inherited Lands that remains to this day. In the darkening years that followed the Pearl’s demise, the Lords of Old slowly lost their knowledge of Dei’lo, and were in time overtaken by a new breed of ruler that had arisen in the shadows, Lords whose power rested not in Dei’lo, but in another, more malevolent Tongue—the cursed Sa’lei, the language of Abaddon the Destroyer, the same Tongue that had ended the Pearl’s existence.

And so the world became sealed in darkness. But now, in the weak twilight of waning hope, a stranger has appeared. His name is Gideon. No one knows where he came from, but they all recognize his power. And both the Sa’lei Lords and those straggling few who still resist them want to discover the truth of who he is—for hope and fear that he might be the prophesied redeemer who is destined to remake with the world once more…for good or ill.

Inherited Lands
Gideon's Dawn Waymaker

"...a work of extreme depth and breadth of vision."
-Christian Fiction Review


Michael D. Warden has been working professionally as a writer and editor since 1989. After several years as Managing Editor for a large publishing house in Colorado, he stepped into the adventure of writing full time. In addition to his fantasy trilogy The Pearlsong Refounding, he has written several non-fiction books, and contributed to more than 150 other books and magazines.

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Inherited Lands